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COVID Management, the evolution of Real Estate Development

COVID Management, the evolution of Real Estate Development

COVID Management, the evolution of Real Estate Development

Construction Management a.k.a Project Management is the central figure that coordinates, provides direction and verifies the activities and responsibilities of the project teams. It also includes the organization, communication and administration of Time and Cost.

Other activities that the Construction Management (CM) Services include, is Contract Administration, which reviews, assures, verifies that the scope of each participant is being executed appropriately, for example, the quality of the design and construction are responsibilities of the Designer and Contractor, however the Construction Management must verify and supervise its being done accordingly.

Nevertheless, the Construction Management Service must evolve in 2 fundamental disciplines

1.- BIM: Many designers are now using BIM as part of their design process, regretfully, many do not have a quality plan or an execution plan associated with BIM, which creates lots of quality issues in their model. The CM must have the knowledge to review and identify these risks and have the designer comply with the standards and best practices.

2.- COVID 19: Surely you must be tired of hearing speakers, forums, webinars about COVID 19, ive seen proclaimed experts, gurus and geniuses on this issue, believe me, nobody is in expert, they don’t exist for now. There are, however, interesting takes and experiences from abroad. Furthermore ive heard a lot of “changes in the workplace” but I have not heard much about “changes in the design phase”, and this is where Construction Management should be part of the efforts.

For example: Corporate Interiors: Spaces have changed, density has changed, the use of meeting spaces have changed, HVAC, doors, windows, air and water supply have changed, processes, protocols and new policies have emerged. For Vertical Development: Access has changed, traffic has changed, vertical communications and facades have changed. Im not only speaking of federal requirements but also about tendencies in Europe and Asia.

Although the designer is primary responsible for these two initiatives, the construction manager or client rep must review, verify and collaborate on good practices and appropriate execution of both activities, therefore the CM must be knowledgeable.

In our company (www.pizaconsulting.com) we have evolved to include these two areas of knowledge within our portfolio. BIM Management which has now evolved to “Technology Management” (not everything is BIM) has been included in our services since 2010. Most recently we have included “COVID Management” enabling us to verify designs and support our clients in the development of protocols, processes and policies associated with this administration. The latter thanks in part to a group that we are a part of called *CCC-19 (Covid Knowledge Center)

*The CCC-19 is a group of global companies on many disciplines that involve COVID Management, such as Human Resources, Workspace, Design, Engineering, Sanitizing, Management, Construction, others. We convene every week and share experience and share knowledge on COVID and its impact in real estate development

We are very grateful and honored in being part of this group that includes GENSLER, EY, HERMAN MILLER, BAKER & MCKENZIE, ADyP, BESCO among others.

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