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Bringing Collaboration to Construction

Bringing Collaboration to Construction

Bringing Collaboration to Construction

The construction industry’s tremendous growth in LatinAmerica is attributed to the increasing urbanization,building technology improvements, and real estatemarket growth. Companies have adopted moderntechnologies and construction practices to stay ahead of thecurve. One of these companies is PIZÁ INTERNATIONAL,a leading construction management firm that combines thepower of building technologies with efficient collaborationto complete projects through its innovative approach andcustomer-centric philosophy.

“We make a difference by providing a methodologythat motivates collaboration through technology, whichdrives better results and quality and reduces cost and time tocomplete a project,”

says Damian A. Pizá, director of PIZÁINTERNATIONAL.A leading construction management company and winnersof both 2022 ENR and CMAA Project Achievement Awards.PIZÁ has earned a reputation for delivering high-qualityconstruction projects through efficient collaboration andmodern technology. Its team of experienced architects andengineers have a deep understanding of the industry and iscommitted to providing exceptional customer service.

Theteam uses technology to drive its management platform, whichpromotes cooperation, foresees and eliminates risks, enablesclients to stay informed with actionable data to help withdecision-making, and opens the path for ongoing progress.PIZÁ takes pride in its innovative and collaborativeapproach, which is reflected in every aspect of its operationsto proactively encourage participation. It strongly emphasizescommunication within its teams and between clients, whichhelps it understand each customer’s unique needs.

During theinitial consultation, the team thoroughly understands theirrequirements and diligently selects the most experienced,process-driven resources that fit the project. PIZÁ also offersa wide range of services tailored to meet each project’s needs,including project management, construction management,program management and technology management services.PIZÁ constantly explores new ways to improve theconstruction process and enhance customer experience.Overlaying management processes with technology, it followsits virtual construction methodology to eliminate risk beforeconstruction starts. It uses virtual reality to create immersive3D construction project models, allowing customers tovisualize what the final project will look like.

Numerousscanners and drones extract point clouds to enable them tocompare what is constructed and the actual plan of the building streamlining the construction process and increasing efficiency.

Through its intuitive dashboard, they can review the project’sstatus and measure progress in terms of commitments, qualityand safety control, and time cost. Incorporating data frommultiple devices and software eliminates risk and, in turn,increases safety.

PIZÁ works with ten different software for each project toprovide real-time updates on a project’s progress, which keepscustomers informed and reduces the risk of delays. It employs aprogram management officer to track the company culture andensure its platform is updated every week.Setting itself apart from the competition through itscollaborative approach and modern technologies, PIZÁ isleading the way for construction management companies inLatin America. It employs a team of experienced professionalsdedicated to delivering high-quality construction projects ontime and within budget.

PIZÁ innovative approach has helped itstay ahead of the curve and meet each customer’s unique needsand requirements. Look no further than PIZÁ for a reliable andinnovative construction management company.

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